“A Star is Born: Special Edition” – Executive Producer: Barbra Streisand
“Sugar” – Director: Rotimi Rainwater


“The League” - Director: Bill Guttentag
“Salinger” (Edited and Co-Produced)  – Director: Shane Salerno
“Soundtrack for a Revolution” - Directors: Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman
“On the Day” - Director: John McDonald
“The Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good” - Director: Jonathan Flora
+ “Runnin Down a Dream” -  Director: Peter Bagdonavich
“We Sold Our Souls For Rock ‘n Roll”  - Director: Penelope Spheeris


Shudder “The Core” -  Director Bridger Nielson
Esquire “They Call Me Jonny” -  Director Josh Oreck
FOX “So You Think You Can Dance”
PBS “God in America” -  Director Greg Barker
Travel Channel “Culture Shock”  - Director Roye Segal
MTV “Whatever Things” Season 3 - Director: Charlie Hustle


Barbra: The Music, The Mem'ries, The Magic! – Director Jim Gable and Barbra Streisand
Frans Lanting: The Evolution of Life – Director Steven Kochones
The Sense8 Experience – Director Josh Oreck
Dr.Dre: Still – Director Rashidi Harper
The Bee Gees: In Our Own Time – Director: Skot Bright
Speed Racer: Supercharged – Director: Josh Oreck
Speed Racer: Car Fu – Director: Josh Oreck
The Police: Certifiable – Director: Jim Gable
Sting: The Journey and the Labyrinth – Director: Jim Gable
Chris Botti “Live w/Orchestra and Guests” - Director: Jim Gable
Carly Simon “A Moonlight Serenade” - Director: Jim Gable
American Express “Jam Sessions” - Director: Jim Gable
The Eagles “Farewell 1 Tour” - Director: Carroll Dodd
The Matrix Trilogy “The Hard Problem” - Director: Josh Oreck
Cyndi Lauper “Live At Last” - Director: Jim Gable
Michael Jackson “Number Ones” - Director: Jim Gable
Meatloaf “Live at Auditrio Nacional”
Jennifer Lopez “The Reel Me” - Director: Jim Gable
AC/DC “Live” - Director: Jim Gable
75th Annual Academy Awards “Tribute to Past Hosts” - Director: Penelope Spheeris
The Animatrix “From Scrolls to Screen” - Director:  Josh Oreck
Concert for World Children’s Day  - Director: Jim Gable
Korn “Live” - Director: Jim Gable
* 74th Annual Academy Awards “Tribute to Documentary Films”  -  Director: Penelope Spheeris
Mick Jagger “Being Mick” - Director: Jim Gable
Sting “All This Time” - Director: Jim Gable
Backstreet Boys “Around the World” - Director: Doug Friedman
Jennifer Lopez “Feelin” So Good” - Director: Jim Gable
TLC, Monica & Utada Hikaru “Natural Breeze Concert” - Director: Jim Gable
Rolling Stones “No Security” - Director: Jim Gable
Matchbox 20 “Live From Australia” - Director: Jim Gable
Himuro “One Night Stand” - Director: Jim Gable


Rick Ross “Everday I’m Hustlin” – Gil Green
Brad Paisley “Mud on the Tires” - Thom Oliphant
Silvertide “Never Coming Home” - Honey
Shifty “Turning Me On” - Honey
Scott Stapp “Relearn Love” - The Brothers Strause
Lil Scrappy f/Lil Jon “No Problem” - Gil Green
Ron Isley & Burt Bacharach “The Look of Love” - Jim Gable
Jagged Edge “Walked Out on Heaven” - Fat Cats
Rhian Benson “Stealing My Piece of Mind” – Millicent Shelton
Rhian Benson “Say How I Feel” – Millicent Shelton
CLEA “Download It” - The Brothers Strause
Staind “Price to Play” - The Brothers Strause
Yolanda Adams “The Prayer” – Millicent Shelton
Justin Case “Don’t Cry For Us” - The Malloys
Ozzy Osbourne “Dreamer” (Osbournes Promo) - Jeb Brien
Incubus “Wish You Were Here” - Joseph Kahn
Third Strike “No Light” – Bruce Hendricks
Master P “Ooowheee” - Terry Heller
** Bell Biv DeVoe “Da Hot Shit” - The Brothers Strause
Barenaked Ladies “Falling for the First Time” - Tim Godsall
Mesh “Maybe Tomorrow” - Doug Friedman
The Start “Gorgeous” - Doug Friedman
Zoolander/The Wiseguys “Start the Commotion” - Hollywood Records
IMX “Clap Your Hands” - Mad Man
Limp Bizkit “My Way” - Fred Durst
Cold “No One” - Fred Durst
Vitamin C “As Long As You’re Loving Me” - The Brothers Strause
Staind “It’s Been Awhile” - Fred Durst
Rage Against the Machine “Testify” - Heather Parry
*** Limp Bizkit “Rollin”- Fred Durst
Limp Bizkit “My Generation” - Fred Durst
Limp Bizkit “Take A Look Around” - Fred Durst
*** Limp Bizkit “Break Stuff” - Fred Durst
Amyth “My Body” - Prentice Smith
Rolling Stones “Midnight Rambler” - Jim Gable
Fastball “Out of My Head” - Jim Gable
Aerosmith “Pink”
The Offspring “All I Want” - Jim Gable
Savage Garden “The Animal Song” - Jim Gable
Matchbox 20 “Busted” - Jim Gable
Jennifer Lopez “Baila” - Jim Gable
Armageddon/Chantal “Leavin On A Jet Plane” - Jim Gable


Monster Headphones "Saviour" - Bjorn Ruhmann
Honda: Uncharted "Kaki King" - Jamieson Fry
Honda: Uncharted "NGHTMR" - John Muller
Honda: Uncharted "BOOTS" - Roye Segal
MTV Iggy "We are Iggy" - Roye Segal
Lamasil “Shawdow” - Steve Beck
Mattel “Barbie Fashion Show” - Gary Manske
Universal Studios “Creep” - The Brothers Strause
Melba Toast “Artist”/”Opera”/”Lover” - Chris Wilcha
**** Coke Int’l “Move” - Caskey Ebeling
Virgin Mobile “Live and In Flight” - Bill Fishman
Bandai “Knights of the Zodiac” - Gary Manske
Toyota Matrix “Sunglasses” - The Brothers Strause
Toyota Corolla “Imagination” - The Brothers Strause
Jack in the Box “Employees”/”Chopper” - Dick Sittig
Moneygram “Regina”/”Ralph” - Eric Durst
Bally’s Fitness “Sticker” - Tim Cronenweth
Black & Decker “Get Around” - Eric Durst
No Fear “Their Race” - Jeff Zwart
Mobil “Invisible Car”-  John Lindauer
Twinlab “Deidre”/”I have a Dream” - Tim Cronenweth
Tecate “Maximum Calidad” - Scott Bibo
Xenadrine “Lifestyle”/”Big Picture” - Tim Cronenweth
K Swiss “Passion” - Kimble Rendall
Jack in the Box Various - Dick Sittig
AT&T “Universal Card” - Eric Durst
AMBI “Ambi” - Sherry Bryer
Macy”s “Campaign” - Various
National Geographic “Ice Climb” - Bob Carmichael
PBS “Passion”/”Inspiration” - Tim Cronenweth
Pagenet “Caeser” - Scott Bibo
Kubota “Phone Home” - Dick Sittig
Presbyterian Heart Center “The Rookie” - Tim Cronenweth
Bausch & Lomb “Cracking” - Eric Durst
Hammermill “Brain” - Eric Durst
Exotic “Exotic” - Sherry Bryer
Bud Light “Bull Rider” - Mitch Teller

+ Grammy Winner Best Music Documentary
* Emmy Nominee
** MVPA Best Editing Nominee
*** MTV Best Rock Video of the Year Winner
**** AICE Nominee Best Editing with Graphics